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Comprehensive engine technology review article published in highest-impact combustion journal

posted Jun 19, 2013, 3:30 PM by Samveg Saxena
A comprehensive review article on Low Temperature Combustion (LTC) engine technologies, authored by Dr. Samveg Saxena and Prof. Ivan Bedoya, was recently published in the journal Progress in Energy and Combustion Science (PECS). PECS is the highest impact journal in the field of combustion.

The article reviews the fundamental phenomena (i.e. physics, chemistry, heat transfer, etc.) that interact within LTC engines, describes emissions characteristics and fundamental limits constraining maximum power output, and reviews promising strategies for extending the high power limits of these engines. The article is a valuable resource not only engine research experts, who will find a compiled comprehensive review of literature in the field, but also for students who are learning the basics of this engine technology.

The article can be found online at:

Dr. Saxena is happy to answer questions or take comments on the topics described in the article. If students or researchers at your institution may benefit from a seminar which covers the topics in this article, please contact Dr. Saxena at